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These are the only officially licensed and estate endorsed Bill Ward prints available.
All prints come 8.5"x11" on card stock, ready for framing.
Each print is priced at only $8.95

all prints below are also available as Giclée prints up to 48" high - see custom order info
Telephone Girls
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Jobs & Giggles
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Custom Order
Giclee Prints
Telephone Girl 1

Telephone Girl 2

House Calls



Color and B&W Giclée Fine Archival Prints
are available up to 48" in height only for
specific prints we can reproduce to perfection.
To request a specific print, select a
desired image and email us for a quote.

What is a Giclée Print?
Giclee is a French word meaning, "a spraying of pigments"
(pronounced "zhee-clay"). With the advent of giclee, the art of
reproducing fine art works has become even more precise.
Each piece of archival paper is carefully hand mounted onto a
drum or flat-bed high resolution scanner. Exact calculations of
hue, value and density are acheived by directing over
six million droplets of pigment through forty-eight printer nozzles.
This produces a combination of 512 chromatic hue possibilities
with over three million color possibilities. Giclees have the
highest apparent resolution today...as high as 4000 dpi
printflow using a variable dot size to create the density
of color and saturation. In addition, since no screens are used,
the prints have a higher apparent resolution than photography,
lithographs and also a color range that exceeds that of serigraphy.
Displaying the full color spectrum, archival giclee prints
capture every nuance of an original and have gained worldwide
acceptance from artists, museums collectors and the finest galleries.

Telephone Girl 3

Telephone Girl 4

Marriage Counselor
The Gardener
The Milkman
Telephone Girl 5

Telephone Girl 6

The Bench
The Typist
Telephone Girl 7

Telephone Girl 8
On The Fence
The Watering Can


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